Wavebrite is a system for cleaning grey water by filtering out contaminants. This allows the use of small holding tanks whilst the treated water can be discharged overboard. The discharged water meets EU Council Directive (91/271/EEC)

  • Wavebrite Waste Water Filter System

  • Wavebrite WBS Schematic

  • Wavebrite WB2010 Schematic

  • Wavebrite WB300 Schematic

  • Wavebrite Grease Trap

    The Wavebrite Grease Trap is a useful addition to any Wavebrite system when processing galley waste water. It removes food waste, fat and grease which helps prevent solids forming in the system and extends the life of the Wavebrite module and filter cartridges.

    Two sizes available:

    1.75 litre
    4.50 litre