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Water filtration systems come in variety of options and perform different functions aboard a vessel. If you’re looking to replace one or more of these systems aboard your boat, you’ve come to the right place. At Halyard, we provide a comprehensive and bespoke service from design to installation. Our team will work closely with you to ascertain your requirements and deliver the best possible solution quickly and affordably. To find out more, call us today on +44 (0) 1722 710922. 

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There are certain things we take for granted, such as being able to draw clean drinking water from a tap or flush away waste after using the toilet. When you’re out at sea, things get a little more complicated. To ensure basic functionality, boats must be fitted with the appropriate water filtration systems. To ensure your boat is equipped with systems properly calibrated to your requirements, it’s a good idea to work with a proven specialist like Halyard. 

At Halyard, we provide an array of commercial yacht services, from design to installation. We can assist with areas such as commissioning and sea trials. Whatever you need, we’re here to ensure your needs are met. 


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    Water Filtration System

    as Supplied by Halyard

    We supply a range of filtration systems among many other bespoke and standardised yacht components, including: 

    • Wavebrite 
    • Wavestream 
    • Flostream 
    • Prostream 
    • Waveshine 

    More information about each of these systems can be found below. 


    The Wavebrite is a system that’s vital for cleaning greywater. Greywater is defined as wastewater that is relatively clean and usually relates to water from baths, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances. The Wavebrite system allows for a small holding tank to be installed for the storage of harmful waste products. Any treated water can then be discharged overboard. The Wavebrite produces wastewater that meets the EU Council Directive (91/271/EEC). 


    Bilgewater removal is made possible by installing the Wavestream, which allows for it to be removed without requiring the installation of a holding tank. Oil and grease are filtered before the water goes overboard, ensuring there’s no harmful impact on the environment. These water filtration systems are Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Type approved and both RCD and Boat Safety Scheme compliant. 


    You’re going to need drinking water while you’re out on your boat, and you can’t exactly drink seawater. The Flostream solves this issue by providing greattasting, premium-quality drinking water with improved taste and odour. These water filtration systems even remove chlorine, limescale and other contaminants, leaving you with pure drinking water. 


    With the Prostream, both sediment and trace oils can be easily purged. This is made possible by the unique pre-RO watermaker protection, which combines stringwound or a melt-blown cartridge with Wavestream oil removal technology. Replace an existing prefilter with the cartridge and receive increased oil protection. 


    There’s nothing worse than the appearance of spotting and smears; such things occur when washing and rinsing your boat and can spoil the overall appearance. The Waveshine is a washdown filter system that removes the minerals from the water responsible for causing spotting and smearing. It softens the water, protecting appliances, sinks, showers, pumps, taps, and other systems in the process. 

    Any of these systems can be installed by our team; simply call Halyard to request our commercial yacht services. 

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    If you’ve Googled ‘water filtration systems’, look no further than Halyard as we supply and fit a wide selection of systems to suit all requirements. From purifying drinking water to removing purging waste to make safe greywater, our solutions are designed with various functions in mind. And that’s not all we do; we also supply bespoke components as well as standardised products to fit boats of all sizes. 

    Over the years, we’ve earned a positive reputation and have built a loyal client base. Many of our customers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our company to other boat users. This fact makes us immensely proud as a customer-centric business. When dealing with Halyard, you’ll always be dealing with a professional, knowledgeable team. Our friendly experts are approachable, so you can always speak to them concerning any request.  

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