Vessel Components

Are you looking for a company that specialises in designing and building advanced vessel components? Here at Halyard, we enhance superyachts, pleasure crafts and commercial boats by managing engine noise, smoke, and vibration. Our team are responsible for creating some of the most advanced products in the industry. So, if you require our expertise, give us a call on 01722 710922

Reliable Vessel Component Manufacturers

For anyone that owns a Superyacht or boat, it is likely to be their pride and joy. As for commercial vessels, it is essential that they are functioning at a high level. Here at Halyard, we are able to supply a wide range of vessel products that will enhance the power and function of your system.

If you require certain vessel components, then we will steer you in the right direction. Our team can replace components and even entire exhaust systems should you require it. We understand that not all boats are the same, so installations may need to be tailored to the inner workings of your vessel. Our professionals are more than happy to take this bespoke approach.

As vessel component manufacturers you can trust in our team to design and build specific components. Whether you need a minor alteration to an existing product or you want an entirely new concept created, then we should be your first point of call. With regards to our exhaust systems and accessories, we supply the following:

  • Silencers
  • Dry Silencers
  • GRP Water Separators
  • Moulded Water Separators
  • Transom Outlets
  • Skin Fittings and More!


If you need the expertise of professionals that specialise in Superyachts, then you have come to the right place. We design and build vessel products for a variety of boats, including Superyachts. We possess a detailed understanding of what our customers need having produced exhaust systems for motor and sailing yachts.

With regards to vessel components, we can design a full range for your system. Our team also specialise in water-cooled and dry exhaust systems, and we are the distributor for Emigreen aftertreatment. Every project we take on, we will consult, design, and optimise systems so that the client’s needs are met.


Our vessel component manufacturers also lend their expertise to commercial projects. We will make sure that your systems are able to operate for lengthy spells, remaining reliable throughout that period. Our robust approach means that your vessel will be able to function in the harshest weather conditions. Keep in mind that we have worked on lifeboats, ferries, fishing boats and military vessels.

Pleasure Crafts

For owners of motorboats and sailing yachts, we can provide you with vessel products that will help manage your engine noise, emissions, and vibration. By doing this, you will reduce the impact your pleasure craft has on the environment, and it will make your boating experience that much more enjoyable.

Vessel Components

Why Come to Us for Vessel Components?

Halyard was established in 1979, beginning as an Aquadrive distributor before introducing noise reducing technologies. We have since become specialists in vessel components, building exhaust systems to suit all types of boats. In fact, we have experience working on Superyachts, commercial vessels, and pleasure crafts.

Over the years, we have been working hard on being the go-to provider of high-quality vessel components. Our aim is to improve the environment for users, guests and crew, as well as develop new markets in the marine industry.

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For more information about how we can design and manufacture vessel components, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can reach us by calling 01722 710922 or by sending an email to Alternatively, contact us by filling in our online form.