Superyacht Exhaust Systems

If you have been searching for industry leading superyacht exhaust systems and all of the associated products, then you have found your one stop shop in Halyard. Keep reading below to familiarise yourself with our product range or call our sales team on 01722 710 922 if you’d prefer to speak to someone. We’re here to help!

Our Products and Exhausts for Superyachts

Welcome to Halyard where we specialise in superyacht exhaust systems, parts, components and various associated accessories. All of our products are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last for many years to come!

We have a range of different replacement engine exhaust elbows and manifolds for superyacht exhausts. We hold a range of existing designs but can also manufacture using your original unit as a pattern. This is suitable for normally aspirated as well as turbo-charged installations.

Halyard offers a range of 316L through hull penetrations for exhaust gases and other discharge purposes. For diesel superyacht exhaust systems and other engine room applications, we manufacture a range of hoses and connectors.

On top of all the aforementioned products and our highly sought-after exhausts for superyachts themselves, Halyard also offers the following components:

  • GRP Tubes and Adaptors
  • GRP Water Separators
  • Moulded Water Separators
  • Silencers
  • Various Exhaust System Accessories (Hose Clamps, Syphon Breaks, Thermal Jackets, etc.)

The Halyard Approach

Halyard stands out from its competitors in many different ways. We have our own full service welding shops that allow us to manufacture the majority of our exhaust systems and components in-house.

For some processes that we can’t complete in our factory, we have long-standing arrangements with trusted industry partners. These connections are vital in ensuring that we always meet the needs of our customers.

Our staff members are all trained professionals with a great passion for what they do. Each and every Halyard employee has years of experience and all of the necessary accreditations to work on your desired products!

Why Purchase Superyacht Exhausts and Components from Halyard?

Founded all the way back in 1979, Halyard has four decades of experience with manufacturing parts for exhausts for superyachts. Our focus is providing the best technical equipment and a service that makes yachting more enjoyable for enthusiasts!

We have built up an excellent reputation for designing superyacht exhaust systems and all of the associated components. Our team is always at the cutting edge of technology, which our previous customers wouldn’t hesitate to confirm.

Thanks to our 40 years of industry experience, we have developed a very detailed understanding of exhausts for superyachts. The superyacht market requires reliability, consistency and peace of mind, which is exactly what we offer.

Here at Halyard, we provide our customers with timely responses that minimise any impact to their vessel’s operation. All of our products are supported by a two-year global warranty as standard and our superyacht exhaust systems are no exception to this!

Service Support

Over the years, we have established a wide dealer and distributor network. On top of our extensive stock of standard products, we also retain manufacturing drawings for all of the products we’ve supplied in the past.

This process guarantees the supply of identical replacement parts very quickly and efficiently, without the need for the return of the original part. No other manufacturer of superyacht exhausts takes this unique approach.


Contact Us to Find Out More or Order Our Superyacht Exhaust Systems

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