Halyard supports Superyacht with Thermal Issues

Halyard supports Superyacht with Thermal Issues

Great work by the team when responding to an email from a Superyacht facing temperatures issues on board. Managed by our Technical Sales Team and working with the customer, an action plan was created by Halyard including:

· On board consultation to assess the issue and measure the current system geometry
· 3D model created of the bespoke sprayhead with a focus on cooling efficiency
· Thermal calculation to predict the water cooled exhaust gas temperature after the sprayhead
· Manufacturing plan to work with vessel docking schedule

Following the successful enactment of the plan, it is great to receive great feedback from the end customer!

“For the past years I have been a captain on an 85 Feet Motor Yacht.

During the whole period we have been facing exhaust temperatures measured on the bellows, which exceeded double the high manufacturers limits. We were frustratingly sailing in a limited speed to avoid extreme temperatures.
Modifications were carried out to the sprayers several times, in several shipyards, the severely damaged bellows were changed numerous times though figures were constantly high.

Luckily one of the shipyards had ordered the new bellows from “Halyard” whom we immediately contacted.
An absolute professional care was taken from the first conversation throughout the whole process of producing new sprayers accurately fitted to the Engines.
We now sail in all speeds and in every sea condition, while temperatures in the bellows are steadily low.
On behalf of the owner and myself, I would like to take this opportunity and thank the “Halyard” team for their professionalism and personal care.

Captain Patrik ”