Halyard Service Support


Halyard Service Support

Did you know that Halyard have a service team and can provide maintenance, repair, overhaul, or health check support for your Halyard supplied products and also for other selected onboard equipment including: shaft systems, engines, generators, gearboxes, steering, control systems, and electrical systems to name a few.
Please email us for further information at:   service@halyard.eu.com
From one of our satisfied customers:

Owning a boat can be a stressful, and more often than not, an expensive privilege. A large part of that is due to repairs and maintenance and as any boat owner will tell you finding a reliable, quality and honest marine service company to carry out that maintenance can be in itself a very stressful and hit and miss affair!


So to find a company that ticked all those boxes was a breath of fresh air and left me with no stress and pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the costs were. Roland and all the team at Halyard Ltd have been great throughout the entire process, with many trips to my boat to resolve all the issues! I’ve had seacocks, gear cables and an entire outdrive lift pump motor assembly replaced along with numerous bits of rewiring and electrical connections sorted out. The workmanship was second to none and their friendly & positive attitude throughout the entire process left me believing that not all marine mechanics are out to make as much money out of you as they can! 


Can’t recommend these guys enough, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced, honest and efficient team to help with any of your boating maintenance give the team at Halyard a call. 


Mr C, Gosport. Fairline Targa 31