Exhaust System Accessories

Halyard supply a range of products and accessories to provide a complete exhuast system, including Hose Clamps; Syphon Breaks, Non Return Valves, Thermal Jackets and exhaust insulation and Exhaust Alert.

Halyard Exhaust Alert
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

    Available in an extensive range of sizes

  • Bronze Siphon Breakers

    Syphno breakers are used to prevent the unwanted flow of liquid into the boat or its systems where a loop of hose or pipe might otherwise lead to syphoning

  • Non-Return Valves

    Used to limit flow of water to one direction, these are often fitted to separator drains, but can be used for other applications. These valves should only be fitted above the waterline

  • Hot Lag

    Hot lag is designed for lagging hot exhaust systems with a thermal insulator which is asbestos free.

  • Exhaust Alert System

    Exhaust Alert provides a class leading exhaust overheat alert system housed in a stylish new standard 52mm diameter, IP67 waterproof gauge.