Exhaust Silencers

Are you searching for an advanced product that will help manage your engine noise? Well, look no further than our experienced team at Halyard. We design and manufacture a range of must-have accessories, including exhaust silencers. We build a range of different options, all designed to meet your specifications. For more information, give us a call on +44 (0)1722 710922. 

Exhaust Accessories for Noise Control and Environmental Protection 

Yacht owners or vessel owners have a responsibility to manage their engine noise, smoke emissions and vibration. Not only is it important for the boat itself and others out on the water, but it makes the experience much more pleasurable for you. Here at Halyard, we have a range of solutions that will meet your requirements, making us the go-to exhaust silencer manufacturers. 

The purpose of exhaust silencers is to reduce engine noise emission. Noise pollution is a big problem when it comes to motorboats, and without having one fitted, your vessel will make a huge amount of noise. This will affect your experience on the boat and it will disrupt others in the area. Not to mention, the sounds could affect wildlife in the area. 

Here at Halyard, we produce a range of exhaust accessories for clients up and down the country. From standard components to bespoke solutions, we can find you the product you need. Keep in mind that when we take on a tailored project, we work closely with you to achieve the end result you are looking for. 

As exhaust silencer manufacturers, you can rely on our dedicated team of experts to provide you with a component that significantly reduces your engine noise. Each project will be managed by our team, so you can rely on us to plan, organise and oversee every part of the development process. 

Our Range of Silencers 

When you turn to our experts, we will discuss the range of options available to you. Our team have a standard range of exhaust silencers known as lift silencers. Each has different geometries that will meet your installation requirements. The purpose of these accessories is to reduce the overall noise pollution from your engine. 

Our range of exhaust accessories is extensive, and when it comes to our silencers, you can select from the following: 

  • Lift Silencers – Side Angle In Top Out 
  • Lift Silencers – End In End Out 
  • In-Line Round Body Silencers 
  • In-Line Oval Body Silencers 
  • Dual Chamber Silencers and Combined Silencer/Separators 

There is no doubt that we are regarded as respected exhaust silencer manufacturers, but our products include plenty of other accessories. For example, you can select stainless steel risers, exhaust transom outlets, water injection spray heads, and much more. 

exhaust silencer manufacturers

Why Come to Us for Exhaust Silencers? 

Halyard was established in 1979, initially starting out as an Aquadrive distributor, but it wasnt long until we embraced other elements and provided other services. Now, we are the go-to company for noise reducing technologies, including exhaust silencers and sound insulation. Our main aim is to provide a more enjoyable boating experience for users and the environment. 

For decades we have been responsible for designing and building exhaust systems and exhaust silencers, as well as other components for high speed diesel engines. Whether you own a small sailing boat or a large superyacht, we can assist with high quality products. 

Contact Us Today 

For more information about our product range, including exhaust silencers, dont hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can reach us by calling +44 (0)1722 710922. Alternatively, send an email to technical@halyard.eu.com or fill in our online form.