Working Closely

with Our Customers

Following on from the consultation stage our team will begin to build the detailed system layout and the design of all associated components. We continue to liaise closely with the customer as questions emerge during this phase; be they engine related or vessel layout and systems considerations.
Agreement of the initial system layout is a key gateway in the process – a plan to which all parties commit and one which enables development of a specification against which the system design can be finalised, approved and manufactured.

The design

stage includes:

System general arrangement 3D model

Back pressures and safety considerations

Silencer attenuation, and the way this fits to the overall objective

Exhaust pipe runs

Water injection spray ring design and positioning

Water separation on generator systems

Bypasses where below water outlets are involved


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    Silencers, separators and connections

    Supports and mounts

    Bellows and hoses

    Thermal insulation

    SCR / DPF aftertreatment systems

    Customer approval

    Creation of manufacturing drawings

    Distributors and Dealers

    Supplying our products to clients around the country thanks to our working relationships with quality dealers and distributors.