Commercial Yacht Exhaust Systems

Here at Halyard, we’re the leading UK supplier of top-quality commercial yacht exhaust silencers. Whether you’re looking for a standardised option or a bespoke solution tailored to your requirements, our team will work with you to fulfil your requirements. We provide a comprehensive service from start-to-finish that’s affordably priced, and you’ll always be dealing with highly knowledgeable specialists. To get started, phone us on +44 (0) 1722 710 922.

Professional Exhaust Silencer Manufacturers

If your exhaust is making far too much noise, this will pose an issue that must be resolved. Noise is considered a type of pollution, and, as such, noise emissions must be contained within acceptable limits. This is where commercial yacht exhaust silencers come in. These devices are attached to an exhaust and serve a simple role, to dampen noise emissions, keeping them within acceptable limits.

If your yacht is not equipped with a silencer or the silencer is worn out, you’ll likely notice a sudden increase in noise pollution. In such situations, your best bet is to call the top commercial yacht specialists – Halyard.


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    Standardise and Bespoke Commercial Yacht Exhaust Silencers

    At Halyard, we supply and fit standardised options, but we’re also bespoke exhaust silencer manufacturers. Whether your boat is missing a silencer or the current one is worn or inadequate, we’ll furnish you with a modern, cutting-edge solution. The silencers we supply and fit are designed to greatly optimise the boating experience while ensuring you remain legally compliant with noise emission regulations.

    We can handle complex installations for dual chambers that provide superior noise attenuation. We can supply combined silencer separators, and we can handle even complex geometries. Whatever your bespoke requirements, you need only get in touch to discuss these with a member of our team. And if you’re after standardised commercial yacht exhaust silencers, we’ll find the right silencer for your boat.

    All silencers are designed and manufactured in-house by our highly trained team. Once manufactured, our commercial yacht specialists will oversee fitting the silencer to your boat. Bear in mind that a two-year global warranty backs all our silencers as standard. Should anything go wrong, we’ll repair your silencer free of charge.

    Other Services

    Besides commercial yacht exhaust silencers, Halyard supplies and installs many other boating enhancements, including:

    Aquadrive Antivibration System

    Emigreen Aftertreatment

    GRP Components

    Siderise Noise Insulation

    And More!

    To request a face-to-face consultation and a free, no-obligation quotation, phone our team today.

    Why Should You Come to Our Commercial Yacht Specialists?

    If you’re looking to reduce the noise pollution created by your yacht or superyacht, come to Halyard, the leading supplier of commercial yacht exhaust silencers. We’ve been designing and manufacturing standardised and bespoke components for boats for over 40 years. We manufacture all components to a high standard using premium-grade materials for best-in-class performance.

    What sets us apart from other manufacturers is the fact we keep all original manufacturing drawings on record. This enables us to quickly replicate like-for-like replacements without you needing to send us the original component. We’re also highly regarded for our exceptional workmanship, superb knowledge, and the affordable prices we charge for the comprehensive service we provide.

    We’re confident in our ability to provide clients with the advice they need along with the solutions they require to remedy their current predicament. We boast a range of competencies, from consultation to design, manufacturing, and support. So, you know that whatever products and service you require, Halyard are exhaust silencer manufacturers who can accommodate you. You’ll never need to go elsewhere to get the job done.

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