About Halyard

Since we were founded in 1979, Halyard has focussed on providing technical equipment and services that make boating more enjoyable.
Initially an Aquadrive distributor, our offerings quickly grew to encompass other noise reducing technologies including sound insulation and exhaust systems for all kinds of vessel.

Over time we have addressed other factors that detract from the boating experience including exhaust emissions and overboard discharges.
For over 25 years we have been designing exhaust systems and components for vessels with high speed diesel engines; be they generators or main propulsion engines, on small sailing day boats up to the largest superyachts on the oceans. Or, the hardest working commercial vessels in the worst conditions on the water.

Our mission is to build on this heritage by:
Providing leading edge technical products in the marine industry that improve the environment for boat users, crew, guests and other water users.

Developing new markets where our expertise from the marine sector can bring real benefits


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  1. 1979

    Business founded in London as UK Distributor for GKN Aquadrive. Sales typically to home builders.

  2. 1981

    Siderise Noise Insulation added to product roster

  3. 1984

    Moved to Portsmouth

  4. 1988

    GRP Silencers added to distribution roster.
    Start of supply to UK Production Yards

  5. 1989

    Bodensee noise limits introduced which could only be met by installing Silencers, leading to increased demand from Production Yards.

    Head Office moved to new premises near Salisbury

  6. 1992

    Start of GRP Silencer Manufacturing in Portsmouth

  7. 1993

    Achieved ISO9001 Certification

  8. 1995

    Risers and Sprayheads added to Distributed product range.

    Whole system design begins

  9. 1996

    Start of whole system supply to Superyacht Yards

  10. 1997

    Partnership with Hose Manufacturer to provide Lloyds Type Approved bespoke hose begins

  11. 2000

    Wave products first added to Halyard range.

  12. 2001

    Acquisition of Sabre Fabrications means we are now manufacturing risers and sprayheads as well as Silencers

  13. 2003

    Acquisition of Cerambond means that we are now manufacturing MDE Hose and Silicone products, and providing full system supply from turbo to transom

  14. 2004

    Ran Soundboat, an EU funded project, to determine approaches to meeting upcoming EU noise regulations, underscoring Halyard’s technical leadership.

  15. 2006

    Metal Fabrications business moves premises to current location

  16. 2011

    Business changes ownership

  17. 2015

    Emigreen Partnership agreed allowing Halyard to promote Emigreen SCR and DPF Technology.

  18. 2017

    Halyard Head Office moved to Ferndown site.

  19. 2018

    Network grows from 12 to 23 Dealers and Distributors within Europe and RoW.

  20. 2019

    Seatorque distribution agreement signed adding shaft systems to Halyards product range

    Halyard celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary.

  21. 2020

    Covid-19 challenges with safe working practices but no shutdown of Halyard facilities or operation enabling continued customer supply.

    Halyard main stores relocated to Ferndown site.

  22. 2021

    Appointed AdvanTec Marine Distributor for Freeman Hatches & Steelhead Cranes.

    Appointed official partner to Rubber Design.

  23. 2022

    Achieved ISO14001 certification.

    Launch of new generator and auxiliary power pack acoustic enclosures.

  24. 2023

    Launch of new low-cost moulded silencer range.

    Halyard network grows to 28 Dealers and Distributors and 2 Agents across Europe and RoW.



To ensure our customers are well supported with product information and advice, local availability of Halyard products and for aftersales support, Halyard have a wide distributor and dealer network.
To ensure you receive the best possible support we recommend the following route to support and supply.


Direct Accounts

Large yacht or commercial builder, repair yards or management company

Major production boat builder or OEM

Major engine OEM

Low volume boat builder

Or have a particularly complex requirement, then you should contact Halyard directly.


Distributor / Dealer Accounts:

Retail Customer

Independent (OEM engine dealers, independent engineers, local chandlers, etc)

Please contact your local Dealer or Distributor

If you are in any doubt, please contact Halyard directly.

Distributors and Dealers

Supplying our products to clients around the country thanks to our working relationships with quality dealers and distributors.